Press Passes

Our media credential (press pass) facilitates access to news events for professionals pursuing careers as independent/freelance journalists. The credential is available only to members in good standing.

Our credential holders agree to conduct themselves with professionalism, in adherence to the common principals of journalistic ethics, as outline in the SPJ Code of Ethics. Credentials should only be used while on assignment or otherwise engaged in reporting or journalism, and are subject to revocation upon substantiated reports of abuse/misconduct.

If renewing your current membership, please select "Renew." Otherwise, please select "New Application."
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Maintaining standards is key to ensuring our credentials are respected and remain a useful tool to our freelance members. If you have not recently worked in a news organization, our credential committee will need to verify your status as a bona fide freelance journalist. Please provide at least two of the following items: • Current resume • URL for you professional website, featuring your own work • Links to recent work published online • A portfolio including at least three pieces of recent work (PDFs, CDs or print clips) • A list of publications, stations, websites, etc., in which your work has appeared • Reference contacts for two or three editors or clients who can vouch for your freelance work Provide links and other information below as plain text, and/or send additional documentation to: