Now and then we simply can’t get our clients to pay what they owe.

Freelance doesn't mean free.

As of now, the Guild can help – and not just by writing an angry letter for you. We have signed a contract with a reputable and well-regard collection agency, Keynote Consulting.
There is no charge for their service if they do not get results. If they do, they get a fee of 25% of the collected amount. If the debt has to go to court it gets more complicated and more expensive. A complete copy of our agreement is here.
 What you need to provide at the outset:
·       Proof of the debt; an invoice, contract, agreement, anything to validate the debt.
·       All current contact information on the company and responsible person that owes you the money.
·       Your contact info, and employment status (are you a corporation, LLC, sole proprietor etc.?)
If you have a claim, email Ron Bronstein of Keynote at
Or send him a fax with the info: 847-788-1531
All members in good standing of the Pacific Media Workers Guild are eligible.
Let’s hope you don’t need this service. But if you do, it’s here for you.